Postal Scales

Postal Scale Review

Postal Scale Review

Postal Scales are really sensitive and accurate scales that are designed to weight pieces of parcel and mail to determine the actual postage rate of an item. Most large companies have a postal scale in office because it makes very easier process and save thousands of dollars in excess postage cost, trips to local post office and wasted man hours. Postal Scalereduces and completely eliminates the chance of human error. This scale has a high degree of accuracy from the use of electronic load cells and scale read out on a large LED display Screen.

Key Consideration:

It contains Onboard intelligence that performs all required math functions and the data from the scale and can be fed into a PC or into storage device for further analysis. It contains digital platform scale and can utilize locally via color touch screen and remote. Digital postal scale supports latest technology of networking on digital platform. It supports up to 10 scales at a time that can be connected using the RS-485 ports in a production field up to 4,000 feet. Postal Scalealso supports set points up to 5 of solid state relays per scale that can control on weight readings. It can weigh up to 25 pounds very easily after 25 pounds it will starting beep.

Postal Scale Benefits:

Postal Scalealso supports wireless or wired Ethernet that means your scale can be control from the internet. Its scale measurements can be fed to any type of tablet, comp on up to a scientific super computer. Postal Scalecan also be connecting to any USB through USB port. You can maintain a pre-paid postage account with memory. It can also keep tracking hundreds of shipping receipts, making your accounting very easy. It keeps your weighted data accurate for a long period of time.